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Fireman's chair knot

fireman's chair

Make half hitch. Right under left.
Make a second half hitch. Again right under left.
Bring right hitch on front of left hitch.

Grab hitches as shown. Pull through.
Make another half hitch. Put loop through.
Make half hitch on the right. Put loop through.
Pull ends to tighten.

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The fireman's chair knot is a rescue knot. There are two loops formed. One which goes under the arms; the other under the legs of person, which must fit snugly. Care should be taken when tying this knot.

The objective of is to help scouts or scout leaders teach knots so that the scout knots can be learnt by viewing the website or by printouts obtained from the website. Some of these knots are rescue knots and must be taught by trained personnel.